The rules to know to make your stay in the Miluis Livigno apartments unforgettable.

In the Miluis Livigno apartments you will find a corner of relaxation and peace: our family welcomes you to spend your winter or summer holidays without worries, asking their guests to experience the apartments as if they were their own home.

Check-in is at 16.00 and check-out at 09.00: in this way we guarantee the sanitization and maximum cleanliness of the apartments between one guest and another. However, if there are different needs, please let us know and we will look for the best solution together.

The collection of the keys for check-in takes place in the chalet in via Olta 136 / d.

The Miluis apartments have bed linen and towels are available on request and at an additional cost.

Please return the apartment clean and tidy; if the apartment is left in non-optimal conditions, we will evaluate the possibility of requesting an extra sum to provide for the necessary cleaning.

In Livigno we recycle and we kindly ask you to do the same, as follow:
– paper (together with cardboard and tetrapack),
– plastic and cans,
– glass
We invite you to use the special containers to separate waste and at the end of your stay to deliver the waste to the special ecological islands about 70 meters from the apartments. The environment, Livigno and its inhabitants thank you.

Any damage to objects or furnishings of the apartment will be subject to a penalty.

The Miluis apartments are NO-Smoking, therefore it is forbidden to smoke inside them;

The two-room apartments are equipped with a forced ventilation system, so as to purify the air and sanitize the rooms.

The car park is in front of the structure and we invite you to park correctly and orderly to guarantee all guests their space. Each Miluis two-room apartment has a parking space in the garage.

Our guests enjoy an agreement at the Roxy Restaurant in Livigno.

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