Livigno in Summer: active holiday in family or with friends.

Summer in Livigno gives great emotions with MTB, E-MTB, trekking and many outdoor activities and sports.
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Livigno in Summer

  • You breathe fresh air, without the humidity of the plain
  • At night you sleep with the right temperature
  • There are no mosquitoes
  • We get tanned more than at the sea
  • You can discover many interesting and fun activities.

Let’s imagine, after reading these advantages, you have already chosen to spend your holiday in an apartment in Livigno.

The activities to do in Livigno in the summer are countless, both for sportsmen and for those who love relaxation and we list some of them below:

E-Mtb and MTB in Livigno

E-Mtb and MTB in Livigno

One of the most popular sports of recent years, E-MTBs, find in Livigno the ideal place to have fun along well-marked and signposted paths. Over 3200km of trails await you between the Stelvio National Park and encroachments in Switzerland. There are many rentals available, one is a few meters from our apartments. The trails are also suitable for MTBs with cross-country and flow country trails and also for downhill, along the slopes of the Mottolino bike Park.

At Carosello 3000 there is a bike park suitable for flow country, with gentler trails suitable for both adults and children.

Val Federia or the Cancano lakes are 2 of the most suggestive tours and trails for cross country and most recommended during your stay in Livigno.

Road bikes on the Livigno roads between Italy and Swiss

Road bikes on the Livigno roads between Italy and Swiss

The Stelvio Pass, the Gavia Pass, the Mortirolo are 3 of the most famous climbs in Italy and are all a few kilometers from Livigno: from the Miluis apartments the adventure on two wheels begins with over 25 km of plain at 1900 meters above sea level. altitude, perfect for training at high altitude, to then tackle the Forcola Pass and the Eira Pass. Crossing Switzerland you can climb the Bernina pass, with a splendid view of the glacier and Lake Bianco.

Hiking & trekking in Livigno

Livigno is a paradise for cyclists but also for mountain and trekking lovers: from the cycle path that winds along the entire Livigno valley, to the Val Federia 8 km long and with a slight difference in altitude, up to the peaks over 3000 meters and the glacier of Livigno, the Paradisin, our territory offers a great variety of excursions on foot: trekking, hiking, Nordic walking you just have to choose the specialty and go.

Along the Livigno cycling path you will encounter:

  • to the north the lake of Livigno, which can be skirted up to the Ponte delle Capre
  • the Livigno dairy, where taste cheeses and ice creams made with Livigno milk
  • the castle on the river, where take some suggestive photos
  • Alpe Vago, a farmhouse where stop for a break before starting the hike to the Val Nera waterfalls

Relax at Aquagranda

Aquagranda is one of the biggest and highest wellness and fitness center in Europe. It’s just 1 km far from our apartments.

Aquagranda is divided in:

  • Slide&Fun, it’s dedicated to fun and includes the baby pool, a castle with water slides, 3 slides of 100 meters each, jacuzzi and water jets
  • Wellness&Relax, it’s the area dedicated to wellness: 1 swimming pool with hydromassage beds and water jets, 1 salt water pool with hydromassage beds, 1 Turkish bath, 1 bio sauna, 1 90° sauna for Aufguss rituals, 1 area with ice and cold reaction well, Kneipp path, 4 massage and treatment cabins, 1 wellness bar, 3 relaxation areas, 1 outdoor relaxation area. For those wishing to be pampered by the staff, a massage and treatment service is available.
  • Aquagranda Fitness&Pool, it is a gym of over 350 square meters with useful tools for both professionals and those who want to do simple physical exercise. It offers over 15 fitness courses and has qualified personal trainers.
  • Run&Play is the area of ​​Aquagranda dedicated to outdoor activities with the 6-lane athletics track, the beach volleyball & beach tennis court and other outdoor activities.
  • 25-meter swimming pool where the Italian national team also trains with swimming champions: Gregorio Paltrinieri, Federica Pellegrina, Simona Aquadarella and many others choose Livigno to train at high altitude and get better results.

Kayak & pedal boat in the lake of Livigno

Lake Livigno, about 1 km from our Miluis apartments, can be reached on foot or by bike via the cycle path. In addition to offering breathtaking views, it offers unmissable emotions with water sports and activities. In fact, from the Ristoro Alpisella you can leave with kayaks, rowing boats, pedal boats and paddle surfers.

In the middle of the lake, a floating raft awaits you, where you can stop for sunbathing or simply to take some photos.

Shopping in the pedestrian area of Livigno

Livigno is famous for being duty free area, where the VAT and excise duties on certain products are not applied. As soon as you arrived, you immediately realized that diesel is really cheap, but shopping is no exception.
The shops and stores are so many and of all kinds, so you can indulge in what to buy! The most affordable products are alcohol, cigarettes and perfumes, but clothing, household products and technology are also very cheap and convenient.

About 100 meters from our apartments Miluis begins the area with many shops of clothing, food, optics, shoes and much more.

Road bikes on the Livigno roads between Italy and Swiss
Paragliding on the snow from Carosello 3000

Paragliding on the snow from Carosello 3000

Unique emotions in Livigno with paragliding: whether in summer or winter, flying over the Livigno valley is something indescribable. A qualified instructor will accompany you on a two-seater paraglider starting from Carosello 3000. In addition to the experience, an HD memory video is always delivered with the experience.

Downhill at Mottolino

Downhill at Mottolino

The Mottolino Bikepark is one of the most historic bike parks in Europe and is located in Livigno. The Mottolino offers 14 different trails: as for the ski slopes, they are divided into blue, red and black according to the degree of difficulty, and forward they are divided into flow, fast and smooth, and tech, that is technical and full of obstacles. natural.

There are several trails, the slopestyle line with wooden and earth structures where you make evolutions called Drop, Wave, Hip and Dirt jump. In the drop area there are a series of jumps of medium-high difficulty. In the jump area, in the Eira Pass area, there are 3 different lines of jumps in sequence, with 3 different levels of difficulty.

The North Shore Area, on the other hand, is located in the woods, between the larch trees and all the tracks pass through this area where there are wooden walkways, step ups, step downs, snails, parabolics and other structures.

Finally, at the end of the trails, right next to the Mottolino cabin car, there is a maxi inflatable where you can try jumps and aerial evolutions in complete safety.

Visiting the Mus

Visiting the Mus

The Mus! is the museum of Livigno and Trepalle, that narrates costumes, traditions and the history of our towns. You may discover the reasons that pushed the population to live so high. Visit it independently or with a free audio guide and the tour takes about 1 hour.

Larix Park, adventure park

Larix Park, adventure park

One of the attractions not to be missed both with friends and family is definitely the Larix Park, the Mottolino adventure park. It has several lines with ever-increasing degrees of difficulty: 9 courses to which are added the play areas on the ground and the fuchsia pulley for younger children.

Bernina Red Train

Bernina Red Train

The Bernina Red Train, a Unesco World Heritage Site, is one of the unmissable summer trips in Livigno. The Red Train leaves from Tirano station and reaches St. Moritz at a truly remarkable difference in altitude. There are so many attractions and viewpoints that can be seen along the route: from the Brusio viaduct, to the White Lake of the Bernina Pass, with the glacier in the background, to the Morteratsch glacier to Lake St. Moritz. Summer trips by bus depart from Livigno that allow you to travel along part of the itinerary, usually from Poschiavo to St. Moritz, which is the most spectacular part.

Golf Training Area Livigno

Golf Training Area Livigno

In Livigno you are spoiled for choice on the sport to practice: the Golf Training Area covers 1000 square meters and has a pitch & putt area, a driving range of 250 meters and three greens with different degrees of difficulty. Instructors are also available to learn how to play, while the more experienced can visit the golf courses of Bormio and St. Moritz.

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