The Livigno valley covered in snow from December to May to be experienced at 360°

Winter in Livigno: Ski and snowboard are just two of the activities and sports that animate the small Tibet.

Livigno in Winter

Livigno in winter is heaven on earth for those who love the mountains: winter holidays in Little Tibet are transformed into a constant discovery of landscapes, activities and people who will remain in your heart. The season begins with the free skipass promotion, that we have also at the Miluis apartments: if you choose to stay for at least 7 nights, we will give you the skipass included in the apartment rate!

You may be wondering what to do in Livigno in winter if you don’t ski and we assure you that there are lots of fun and crazy activities to do on a winter holiday in Livigno. The certainty is that in 7 nights you will not be bored, but on the contrary, you will immediately want to book your holiday for the next year.

Skiing in Livigno

Skiing in Livigno

Livigno in winter offers 115 km of slopes that wind along the two mountains that surround the valley: Mottolino and Carosello 3000, a mountain that also hosts the Cassana gondola located 50 meters from our apartments.

Mottolino is Fun Mountain with one of the best snow parks in Europe, while Carosello 3000 has an unmissable track that descends along the Val Federia in a completely whitewashed landscape.

Snowboard in Livigno

Snowboard in Livigno

Snowboard lovers will find attractions both at Carosello 3000 and at Mottolino, one of the most awarded snowkparks in Europe: half pipes, border cross tracks, jumps, kickers, funboxes, rails and much more. Also at the snowpark 20 and Amerikan there are several structures to have fun on.

Snowpark in Livigno

Snowpark in Livigno

At Carosello 3000 there is a high-altitude beach, where the easy snow park offers facilities where you can have fun in complete safety. Parabolics, bumps, snails and tunnels await both adults and children with the ski lift that takes you back to the start of the route.

The Mottolino Snowpark is one of the most important snow parks in Europe, suitable for experienced skiers and snowboarders: 800 meters long with over 60 structures and a maxi landing bag dedicated to athletes.

Cross Country Ski in Livigno

Cross Country Ski

Cross-country skiing in Livigno has characteristics that cannot be found in many other areas: already in mid-October a cross-country skiing ring is completed in the center of Livigno where professionals train and tourists have fun. La Sgambeda, Livigno’s historic cross-country race, opens the season with the teams participating in the Ski Classic. The Livigno cross-country track reaches 30 km in length and winds from the lake area, a few hundred meters from our apartments, to Forcola, which is the wildest area to be reached on skis.

The Livigno Biathlon Arena has also been set up for teams and teams, where you can train on a shooting range with 12 silhouettes.

Freeride in Livigno


In Livigno there are several areas for freeride and backcountry, all to be discovered. For this sport, in addition to having excellent equipment on your feet, the safety kit with shovel, ARTVA and probe is mandatory. Near some slopes there are areas to practice freeride without going too far off the track, but still remember that getting off the slopes is always at your own risk. The snow report is published every day, i.e. a document that indicates the avalanche risk and communicates a lot of important information for safe skiing.

E-fat bike in Livigno

E-fat bike

Fat Bikes are bikes with “fat” wheels, that is, very wide wheels with low pressure that allow you to have grip even on snow and ice. In Livigno both Fat bikes and E-Fat bikes are available for hire, so even those who are less trained can enjoy the snow-covered landscapes on their bikes. In Livigno there are several routes, some of which are very simple that allow you to discover unexpected and uncontaminated places. In addition to the cycle / pedestrian path and the art path, the Livigno MTB guides will accompany you to discover other very suggestive areas.

Skiing in Livigno
Snowboard in Livigno
Cross Country Ski in Livigno
Freeride in Livigno
Fat Bike in Livigno
Snow mobiles and quads at the lake of Livigno

Snow mobiles and quads at the lake of Livigno

At Lake Livigno there is a track of over 10 km where experiencing the thrill of driving snowmobiles and quads on snow and ice! If, on the other hand, you prefer a panoramic tour to the Eira Pass, the excursion takes you to the top of the mountains with magnificent views of Livigno and Trepalle.

Skating in the heart of Livigno

Skating in the heart of Livigno

In the center of Livigno, near the sports facilities, there is the Ice Arena or the ice skating rink suitable for both adults and children: you can rent skates on site and have fun on the ice even in the evening.

Heliski in Livigno

Heliski in Livigno

For those who love adrenaline, Heliski in Livigno is a must: you go up by helicopter to the top of the mountains and then go down in freeride with the instructor along the snowy slopes with skis or snowboard on your feet up to the Livigno valley. In addition to the mountain guide, the use of an ABS backpack, transceiver, probe and shovel is mandatory to ensure maximum safety in fresh snow.

Telemark in Livigno


In Livigno Telemark is a widely practiced discipline and consists in skiing with the free heel: to practice telemark you must almost kneel on the ski, pushing the leg forward downstream, while bending the knee of the one upstream, distributing evenly, thus, the weight on both skis.

In Little Tibet there are both rental skis and telemark instructors available to teach and practice it.

Ice-driving School in Livigno

Ice-driving School

Lovers of cars in Livigno have fun on the ice rink located in the Forcola area! A real fun for which wants to learn to drive on the ice and make traverses never seen before! The Ice Driving School of Livigno, in fact, is the traverse school with many cars available and qualified instructors: Subaro, Mitsubishi and Yaris are some of the car brands that can be driven.

Snow sleds in Livigno

Snow sleds

At the Pian della Volpe ski lift, n° 20 you have fun with sleds on the snow along the track with curves and bumps to be overcome in complete safety. The metal sleds are free, but you must have a ski pass to go up with the lift. Tobogganing is recommended for ages 6 and up.

Snow shoeing IN LIVIGNO

Snow shoeing

Have you ever thought about trekking in the snow? With snowshoes on your feet it’s possible! In fact, snowshoes are tools that widen the surface in contact with the ground by distributing the weight over a larger area and thus allowing the person to float on the snow.

The experiences to be lived with snowshoes on your feet are unforgettable, in fact you can reach isolated places where you can enjoy the silence of the woods or the magnificent landscapes of the valleys around Livigno.

There are several managed routes, i.e. beaten and verified routes to make them safe and to make you find the correct direction to go through poles and signs.

The trails can be followed independently and without the use of self-rescue tools, such as the backpack, the shovel and the probe, which are mandatory if you want to venture into off-the-beaten-path areas. The routes for snowshoes are of varying difficulty and if you want you can be accompanied by guides.

The length varies from half an hour to two hours and we indicate some that are not to be missed:

  • the Crap de la Paré, about 2 km long, will make you admire breathtaking landscapes, such as the lake and the valley of Livigno.
  • The Val delle Mine, almost 2 km long, ventures along this pristine valley until you reach the bridge of lovers.
Husky Village in Livigno

Husky Village

The Arnoga Sleddog Center is a training center for huskies and is located halfway between Livigno and Bormio, about 20 km from the town. The Husky Village is home to about 60 sled dogs who live their entire lives in Valtellina, pampered by the staff.

At the Husky Village you can experience unique emotions, driving the sled pulled by huskies along the 5 km route, through woods, landscapes and breathtaking views. The sleds can be guided by adults and with a few simple commands you will learn how to manage the sled and the dogs that pull it. The little ones can be accompanied by the staff sitting on the sled just behind the dogs.

Lupigno Kinder Club

Lupigno Kinder Club

The Kinder Club Lupigno is located in the heart of Livigno along the pedestrian street, where the Central Ski School is located: it is a play area on the snow in winter and on the grass in summer where you can leave your children in complete safety for experiment, stimulate creativity and have fun with other children.

Inside the Lupigno Kinder Club, children can have fun on trampolines, adventure trails, the toboggan run, slides, swings and inflatables.

During the week there is a program designed to make the days varied and the experienced animators and the Lupigno mascot, will entertain the little guests throughout the day.

The service is also active in summer and in both seasons the payment of an entrance ticket is required.

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